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No-Code Automation for Network Operations

Observeasy is a NetOps copilot

  • Automates network management tasks.

  • Accelerates root cause analysis.

  • Reduces network downtime.

Book a demo for an in-depth conversation about how network automation can help you minimize network outages.

A modern approach to scale Network Operations
processes for on-prem networks

Business-driving applications, processes, and customer interactions rely on your network infrastructure.
As networks have become increasingly complex and business-critical, a modern approach is needed
that automates network management tasks to prevent network outages.

Force Multiply your Network Operations with Observeasy

Connect to your network infrastructure
with No-Code scripting

With Observeasy, network engineers can
script network automation tasks without the need to know scripting.

Oserveasy provides no-code, web-driven access connections to your network infrastructure using SSH and API to simplify management tasks and processes.

No-Code scripting

No-Coding needed

Network engineers of all skill levels can design, build, and share automated tasks.


This enables NetOps processes to scale up quickly using a no-code platform designed specifically for network engineers.

NetOps processe

Creating network automation tasks simplified using Observeasy

Add Network Device Connectors

1- Add

Network Device


Workflow playbooks

2- Define

Workflow playbooks, add commands to run

Playbooks and analyze

3- Run

Playbooks and analyze

the results

Automation tasks can be built in minutes and shared with the teams, enabling network engineers of
all skill levels trouble shoot your network like an expert

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis

Automate and templatize previously manually driven tasks to access, identify and isolate network device issues that can affect your infrastructure.

Create NetOps Playbooks

Create vendor agnostic playbooks to centralize and automate daily tasks that enhance the mentoring , debugging and maintenance of infrastructure.

Enrich Network Observability

SSH access playbooks give access to network device logs only available from CLI. Capture device logs needed to debug intermittent and troublesome issues.

Bridge The Network Debugging Skills Gap

Shared playbooks and a visual driven playbook creation enable network engineers of all skill levels debug and troubleshoot network like an expert.

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